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Benefit from our mixed expertise in Smart buildings, ICT and governance to foster your ambitions.

# Digital advisory (AMO Smart)

We assist real-estate project owners in the definition and the execution of their Smart work packages.

A specific work package is created when there is complexity in the integration of multiple building systems and IT elements. The solution usually involves multiple protocols, several vendors and technology platforms.

This is where we shine: Our transversal expertise is a key asset to lead construction, fit-out or renovation projects to success.

# Smart interior design

We help architects and designers to create memorable projects by embedding sustainable smart technologies in the design process.

There is a continuous flow of innovation coming to working and living spaces, which makes the decision process tedious. Together we can work on customer expectations and design augmented human-centric environments.

Office floors, Single and multi-residential units, Hotel rooms: There are endless opportunities to explore.

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# Co-creation

Leverage our experience in user research and product creation to bring your ideas to life. You can hire us to work inside your organisation or you can entrust the entire development to us.

Within our company or with our network partners, we take care of the end-to-process of any software, web or hardware product development.

# Building Certification

There are several labels and certification programs dedicated to the smart characteristics of the built environment.

Acquiring those is an efficient way to reward the efforts put into developing your projects. Your assets will be recognized as modern and efficient buildings, attract tenants and, after all, increase their value.

We support your smart certification efforts by providing advisory and project management services.

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That’s the easiest way to figure out how Synapz can help you.